Sing – A must!

“In a city of humanoid animals, a hustling theater impresario’s attempt to save his theater with a singing competition becomes grander than he anticipates even as its finalists’ find that their lives will never be the same.” said the IMDb. 
The movie was released 21st of December, 2016 (US) yet I watched this movie last March 18, 2017, I didn’t even know that this film was released till I saw one of my friends’ day posted in her Instagram account, a video of a dancing pig!

I was stunned because it’s too cute! I asked her what was the name of the movie, and she immediately respond “Sing!”. I quickly search for a website that has an access for free to watch this movie.
As the movie is still in the process of ”loading” (Internet sucks here bud!), I prepared some snacks for my own. For about 5 minutes later, the universal studios intro music started! After that, Illumination Entertainment follows with the minions! (I love minions) Anyways, the first thing that happened in the movie was in the theater that a female sheep is singing an opera, the sheep named Nana Noodleman. 

I see her as the late Whitney Houston, and one thing that reminds me of Nana is a guest character from Mr. Beans’ show (cartoon). As Nana Noodleman continues to sing, a voice over or more like a flashback voice coming from a man, that is the dreamer, to own a theater Mr. Moon, the koala. 

Mr. Moon dreams to become the first Koala to step on the moon but it all turns down after he saw the Theater, he loves the smell of it like he was called to become one who owns one. His father, saw his sons’ dream to be one who holds or produce a theater so, his father did everything just to save up and buy his sons wants to be by, washing cars from a bucket. 

This bucket represents all the hardship of his father just to make his dreams come true. Mr. Moon placed it in his office to remind it about his father. When the flashback is done, his secretary Miss crawly

 called his attention because a lot of his people was demanding like, “Mr. Moon! Where is our money?” All of his shows was hit rock-bottom and he was out of money. He runs up to his secret passage to get out, but the video turns to a various of scenes. First is the singing Ape 

namely Johnny, all the while He is singing the cops was headed on his way but he immediately hide and call for his father but it’s too late. They immediately drove away from the police, the cutest part here is his father asked “Where is your mask?” then this happened.

After that, the scene was moved to the singing female pig with loads of children She is Rosita! She sang Fireworks by Katy Perry while working cleaning her home. 

After the singing pig, is Ash and her boyfriend! 

In all honesty, I dont really like that guy. He is so mean to her, always letting her down and that he is way better than her. Guys should motivate girls to do what are their passion, unlike that afsghdajhd guy I would really volunteer to punch his face for  hurting Ash, like seriously.. To be continued


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